Beyond Evil: Season 1

Feb. 19, 2021
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Police inspectors are often the main characters of crime movies, but the inspectors of the Violent Crimes Unit usually get the most attention of them all. However, more than half of the entire police force works in patrol divisions or police substations, doing all kinds of grunt work every day. Violent Crimes deals with violent cases and Traffic Police deals with issues with traffic, but the officers who work at a substation do everything. From maintaining a murder scene to finding lost dogs and arresting flashers, these officers are multitalented, to say the least. One man who used to be a Violent Crimes inspector is injured in both body and soul. He returns home to work at the local substation, but a series of murders starts up again. The village that stood quiet for the past 20 years begins to quake once again. This drama shows a man on the outskirts trying his darndest to catch a monster, all the while becoming a monster himself.