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Voltes V: 1x15

The Present from the Emperor (Koutei Heika no PUREZENTO- 皇帝陛下のプレゼント)

Emperor Zanbajir sent Dr. Gou to Heinell. Dr. Gou then went to Big Falcon and persuaded his sons to go with him to Boazan. The trio thought that her father must have been brainwashed, so they took him to be treated in Big Falcon. Soon, Dr. Gou ran amok and tried to take over Big Falcon. Kenichi and Commander Oka tried to overpower him. It turned out that this Dr. Gou was just a robot. Not only the trio Gou brothers were deceived but also Heinell.

Voltes V: Season 1 Full Episode 15
Voltes V: Season 1 Full Episode 15
Sep. 10, 1977