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Voltes V: 1x24

Enemy. The New General's Written Challenge (Teki. Shin Shougun no Chousenjyou- 敵・新将軍の挑戦状)

General Bergan came from Planet Boazan along with some meteorites which contains Maxingal metal. The metal was so hard, the Tenkuu-ken wouldn’t cut through it. Kazarin and Jangal were irritated with Bergan’s attitude as Bergan boasted his superiority of making better beast fighter and being a special assistant to Prince Heinell. Surely Voltes cannot defeat Maxingal-plated robot Okozenia because the sword Tenkuu-ken cannot cut the robot but suddenly a mechanical red eagle came to the rescue.

Voltes V: Season 1 Full Episode 24
Voltes V: Season 1 Full Episode 24
Nov. 12, 1977