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Voltes V: 1x29

A Hero from Planet Boazan (Boazan Sei no Yuushi- ボアザン星の勇士)

A Boazanian fighter Giron was ordered by Prince Heinell to catch the traitor, General Dange. Dange was actually an aristocrat but he cut his own horns and willfully become slave. Giron then took Volt Frigate as a hostage and demanded Dange to be handed over. After he learnt that Dange was dead, he attacked Voltes but was beaten. Kenichi didn’t want to kill him because he saw Giron as a fellow Boazanian. Heinell was furious and ordered beast fighter Daruda to kill Giron and Voltes V.

Voltes V: Season 1 Full Episode 29
Voltes V: Season 1 Full Episode 29
Dec. 17, 1977