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Voltes V: 1x25

Suicide Attack!! Super Electromagnetic Ball (Jibaku!! Choudenji BOORU- 自爆!!超電磁ボール!)

After collecting some Maxingal fragments from the destroyed beast fighter and doing some tests, Dr. Sakunji found out that super electromagnetic beam can weaken Maxingal strength. To get enough electromagnetic power, Voltes had to gather it from thunder that strikes Voltes’ sword, Tenkuu-ken, then Voltes have to throw the energy to the enemy to weaken the Maxingal metal. This way of attack is called “Choudenji Ball” (Super Electromagnetic Ball). The problem arose as Voltes energy became overloaded as the thunders stroke. Once again, the red mechanical eagle came to the rescue, and it dropped a tube containing Voltes mechanical scheme.

Voltes V: Season 1 Full Episode 25
Voltes V: Season 1 Full Episode 25
Nov. 19, 1977